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We have some exciting things coming your way in 2017

Posted by Matt Sweeney on 1 March 2017

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2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for QT Tyres as we look to further improve our business offerings and services for you, our valued customer. We kicked off the year by sending both Rod and Matt to China to tour through some of our suppliers’ factories and see firsthand how our suppliers are ensuring they stay ahead of the competition. Rod and Matt were blown away at the quality assurance measures taken and the professionalism shown at all the businesses they toured.


China overview


After a long flight and a frosty reception (middle of Winter in China) the first stop was the Bright Factory in Yingkou. This is where the Easy Change Tyre Changers & Balancers are made. The boys had a full tour of the factory as well as the in-house tyre shop, followed by 2 days of intensive technical training. This will ensure that our team are armed with as much knowledge as possible in recognising and fixing any problems or breakdowns as well as maintenance issues. There was a wide variety of models to suit different customers’ needs and we are hoping to offer these in the near future.

The guys then made their way to the Jinyu Tyre factory where they had a tour and witnessed the manufacturing process. Both Rod and Matt were gobsmacked at the quality of the processes from the team at Jinyu. Jinyu had an x-ray machine that gave a visual insight into the core of a tyre and alerted the workers of any faults or weaknesses in the rubber. Any tyre that wasn’t 100% satisfactory was scrapped. This was very pleasing to see and our faith in the company has grown stronger as a result as we only ever want to put the best product out on the roads.


China machines


The final stop (after a bar or two of course) was the TDL factory in Shantou. This is where all our tyre changing tools are made including hydraulic jacks and demounting tools. Every hydraulic jack is tested to ensure the maximum capacity stated is accurate the jacks are placed into a press and have huge amounts of pressure push down on them for 1 hour to make sure they can handle it and not have any faults. There is also a new Golden Demounting Tool being designed right now that is set to increase efficiency and safety for the operator. Both Rod and Matt were shown the designs and we are hoping to have this product available in the near future.

All in all the trip was hugely beneficial to the guys and it will be you who will reap the rewards. There are new products coming to the market as well as improved processes. There was also confirmation of the quality of our products and the lengths the Jinyu team go to to ensure their product is a market leader.