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Buy a Container, Save a Truckload

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buy a container and save


  • Save up to 20%

  • Pick up your own container when it arrives from either Sydney or Brisbane ports and save even more!

  • Containers can be filled with a mixture of Steers, Drives or Trailers.

  • 11R22.5 we can fit around 120 tyres in a 20ft Container & around 270 in a 40ft Container. 

Truck Tyre Container price includes the following:

  1. Insurance

  2. Shipping Cost

  3. Port & Customs Fees

  4. Free delivery in NSW, other areas may incur delivery fee.

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Rent a Tyre Changing Machine

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BP588s BULL Ad

Tyre Changing Machine Easy Rental Scheme

  • Pay a one-off $250 Startup Fee

  • Pay as little as $69 per week.

  • 3-year rental term

QT will deliver, install and train all as part of the rental agreement.

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Tyre Changer Super Deal

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tyre changer deal header

Truck Tyre Changer + 8 Drive tyres, $9,500 + GST

Limited Time Only

Includes installation and training

Free delivery to NSW

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