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Truck Tyre Changer - Bonus Tyres Super Deal

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Truck Tyre Changer + 8 Drive tyres, $9,500 + GST

Limited Time Only

Includes installation and training

Free delivery to NSW

(QLD & VIC delivery fees may apply)


The BRIGHT PREMIUM Truck Tyre Changer is built to the highest industry standards, benefiting from Bright's advanced quality control system, strong history of technological development and unparalleled industry experience.

Don’t be fooled by cheap machines, we have reviewed many cheaper brands and seen first-hand their poor manufacturing standards.

Our truck tyre changer machine carries a full 2 year warranty as well as a superior motor & advanced hydraulics compared to Bright's Standard range.

Our Bonus Tyres Super Deal includes 8 (4 FREE) HS103 Drive Tyres. Designed for regional application on good road and highway. Drive traction commercial tyres for heavy trucks using TMS technology and special compound for smooth tread wear. Special pattern design provides good anti wear resistance with strong loading capacity and excellent drive power.

Equip your workshop with a premium quality truck tyre changer and the power to save your business time and money.

We provide full training and friendly, professional after sales service.

Call Karin for more information or to order today on 0402 455 261.

Offer available until Dec 21. Don't miss out!

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