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Semi-automatic Professional Computer Wheel Balancer



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Semi-automatic Professional LED Computer Wheel balancer

$2000 +GST

The ideal machine for the workshop or service station.

The BRIGHT HARRIER is a compact motor-driven balancer and is equipped with a 40mm balance shaft, 4 cones (45-155mm), quick nut with a plastic cover and a rubber ring to protect the rim, a rim width gauge, balance pliers, and a 50 gram wheel weight for self-calibration.

The machine comes with a space saving wheel guard and is suitable for passenger car wheels, vans, caravan/trailer wheels, and also for motorcycles (with correct accessories).

The BRIGHT HARRIER is enhanced with an automatic measurement reading arm, and brake pedal. The rim width must be entered manually using the touch buttons on the LED display (with USB port) that featured modern Italian patented software and reliable measurement technology. Because it uses components from international market leaders such as Siemens and Microchip Technology, this balancing machine with its 2 years guarantee is the most reliable in its segment.